Childhood Fear – Being Grabbed by a Vampire

Childhood Fear.

Being grabbed by a Vampire.

I remember this time I went to our shed at night time to throw a bag of garbage in there. It was dark out and we lived in the country so there was trees surrounding me as a walked through the yard to the shed.

I remember I experienced a fear within me of something grabbing me. Its interesting because It wasn’t like I was an avid believer in ghosts or demons or something like this, but at the same time there was still this fear coming up within me in certain situations and this particular situation was one of them.


I remember when you used to open up the shed door at night it was black inside and you could not see in there. So this was quite scary as I feared something would jump out from the darkness and grab me and pull me into the shed, so when I took the garbage out I used to just open the shed door and toss it in there and quickly close the door.

This particular night I remember going back to the front door of the house where there was a light on and as I approached the door I started to move faster and faster as I just wanted to make to the door safely and there was this fear growing inside me that something might be right behind me and grab me at the last second!