Writing out as a physical process

Writing out as a physical process.

This is the commitment I am making to myself to actually change myself. In this I live and apply my understanding of how to in fact change and transform myself in so that who I become stand absolutely in self honesty and aligned completely with life so that no abuse in any way flow from who I am as the outflow of my being here.

In this commitment, I commit to walking the 7 year cycle of birthing myself as life into and as the physical, This requires a consistent application of writing and applying self forgiveness and self corrective application so that I reconstitute myself in actuality moment by moment where I transform the totality of myself into life within the principle of what is best for all.

I will walk this process in writing and commit to walking my 7 year process of change/transformation which will require a daily consistent application of actually writing self forgiveness/ self corrections to be lived on the points I am facing/working with / transforming as myself day to day.